Prof. Bernd Hamm

Chairman of the ESR Board of Directors

Dear ESR Member,
Dear Colleague,
Dear Friend,

Welcome back to a new and exciting season at the ESR! I hope those of you in the northern hemisphere had a relaxing summer and everyone south of the equator a pleasant July and August as well. I am happy and proud to start my message by announcing a new membership record with more than 82,000 members from 161 countries!

You are part of this huge community, and I would like to thank you for your ongoing faith and support. The steadily and fast-growing number of ESR members shows that we are on the right track. To stay there, we continuously monitor the developments in radiology to adapt to changing needs and to keep on meeting the expectations of our members.

The ESR Board of Directors met at the beginning of September to further elaborate on commitments taken so far and to prepare the ground for new activities. Artificial intelligence and its implications for radiology continue to be high on our agenda. The same is true for our inter-professional relations including for example radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, cardiology and oncology. Shortly after our meeting, our President, Prof. Lorenzo E. Derchi, gave a talk on access and value in the cancer pathway at the ECCO - European CanCer Summit that was held from Sept. 7-9 in Vienna. Education and the next generation of radiologists, which we are convinced will learn how to best benefit from artificial intelligence, was also a topic in our meeting, and the Board of Directors gave the green light for a new project for undergraduate medical students. Details will be revealed soon.

Regarding our international relations, I am happy to announce that we have signed two new memoranda of understanding (MoU), one with the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR), which will host the first edition of ‘Best of ECR’ in Fortaleza, Brazil, in October next year. You can read more about this fantastic joint project here. I am extremely grateful to CBR President Prof. Rocha for making this possible and for giving two members of our Executive Council the opportunity to announce the project already at the upcoming CBR Congress in Rio de Janeiro this October.

Speaking of congresses, the ESR was represented by members of its Executive Council at the meetings of the radiological societies of Korea, Nigeria and Romania as well as of several subspecialty societies during the last two months, and we plan visits to several further congresses.

Our second new MoU partner is the Radiological Society of Saudi Arabia (RSSA), a country representing a region that is becoming more and more important for us. I look forward to deepening our collaboration with Saudi Arabian radiologists and take this opportunity to thank RSSA President Prof. Khashoggi for his trust and support.

Aside from intensifying existing relations, we have enlarged our circle of member societies, as you will read in a separate article of this newsletter. I extend a warm welcome to the Mauritanian Society of Radiology and the Paraguayan Society of Radiology and thank their presidents, Prof. Beddi and Dr. Gonzáles Cáceres, respectively, for having joined the ESR.

Aside from all these positive updates, I also have to share the sad news of the passing of Prof. Ian Isherwood and Prof. Alexander R. Margulis, two world-renowned radiologists and dear friends of the ESR, as you can also read in a separate chapter of this newsletter edition.

Once again, I cordially thank you for your loyalty and commitment to the ESR and look forward to getting back to you with a new update in November. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or the ESR blog or get in touch with the editorial team at [email protected].


Prof. Bernd Hamm
Chairman of the ESR Board of Directors