Holding an EDiR Diploma will certify a standard of radiological knowledge deemed appropriate for independent practise in general radiology. The knowledge base for the examination is laid out in the ESR European Training Curriculum for Radiology.

The examination is open to radiologists and radiology residents in their fifth year of training in compliance with the requirements.

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  • The examination provides an objective test of knowledge for radiologists at the end of their training.
  • EDiR certifies that a candidate has passed a high quality examination (in English) in general radiology.
  • The examination represents a significant step towards transnational harmonisation of radiological standards throughout Europe.
  • A successful examination will be an asset to radiologists in their career development.

EDiR is definitely an added value to the candidates’ CV, differentiating them from other contenders when applying for a job or fellowship.

Note that EDiR does not replace any national board certificate.

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Examination Structure

The examination tests knowledge, skills and competence in general radiology in three components:

  • Multiple response questions (MRQs): Computer-based examination (90 minutes).
  • Short cases (SCs): Computer-based examination (90 minutes).
  • Clinically Oriented Reasoning Evaluation (CORE): Practical-oriented cases, computer-based examination (90 minutes).

Eligibility Criteria & Fees

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must be at least in their fifth year of national radiology training at the time of the examination.
  • Active membership of the relevant national radiological society in the year of the examination is required.
  • Candidates must be ESR Full or Corresponding Members or members in training in the year of the examination. 


  • The fee for the European Diploma examination for ESR Full Members and members in training is € 500.
  • The fee for the European Diploma examination for ESR Corresponding Members is € 1,100.

UEMS Endorsement

The European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) is officially and fully endorsed by the ESR and the UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists).


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