The ESR Premium Education Package – One ticket to access it all!

Including the ECR 2021 Summer Edition!

The Premium Education Package includes access to numerous ESR educational services such as Education on Demand Premium, Eurorad and ESR Connect (including all on-demand content and upcoming live events such as 11 ESOR Foundation courses in 2021).  

All combined, worth more than €3,000, but now available for a flat rate of only € 320 (excl. country-specific VAT) per year! 

Our Premium Education Package can be purchased as a standalone product or in combination with an ECR 2021 ticket.  

The Premium Education Package grants access from January 1 – December 31, 2021.

Committed to Education

Purchase options

ESR Premium
Education Package
more than
€ 3,000

ESR Connect

  • ECR 2021 Summer Edition incl. CME
  • ECR 2021 (incl. CME)
  • ECR 2021 ON-DEMAND (as of March 11)
  • ECR 2020 ON-DEMAND
  • ESOR LIVE (11 Foundation Courses incl. CME)
  • ESOR ON-DEMAND (11 Foundation Course)
  • Upcoming LIVE EVENTS
  • Education on Demand (incl. CME)
  • EPOS
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Terms and Conditions

Purchasing the Premium Education package grants access to the included services between January 1 -December 31,2021. 

Payment of the fee can be made either by bank transfer or by credit card
(VISA or MasterCard/EuroCard).

Please note that payment with bank transfer may take up to 4 working days and access to the Premium Education Package is only granted upon the receipt of payment.

All fees for ESR Premium Education Package are net of VAT.

It is strictly forbidden to share access to the Premium Education Package or to disclose any account access data with a third person, as stated in § 6.3 of the ESR Premium Education Package Terms and Conditions.