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ESR News is the ESR’s electronic members newsletter, which is sent once a month to all active members via e-mail. It contains the most recent and relevant information regarding the society and its activities, news about the congress including deadline alerts, as well as education and science.

Chief Editor  
  Prof. Panos Prassopoulos
Editorial Committee  
ESR Publications Committee Chairperson Prof. Marion Smits
ESR 2nd Vice-President Prof. Regina Beets-Tan



ESR@Work is the European Society of Radiology’s bi-monthly institutional newsletter.

It is distributed electronically to representatives of international radiology organisations, institutional ESR members, ‘ESR meets’ countries, societies with whom the ESR shares a memorandum of understanding, and other research-related and political contacts.

  Prof. Andrea G. Rockall
Editorial Committee  
Chair of the ESR Board of Directors: Prof. Lorenzo E. Derchi
ESR Publications Committee Chair: Prof. Marion Smits
ESR 2nd Vice-President: Prof. Regina Beets-Tan
ESR Quality, Safety and Standards Committee Chair: Dr. Adrian Brady
ESR Education Committee Chair: Prof. Carlo Catalano
ESR Research Committee Chair: Prof. Marc Dewey
ESR Communication and External Affairs Committee Chair: Prof. Nikoleta Traykova
ESR Professional Issues and Economics in Radiology Chair: Prof. Peter Mildenberger


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