DIAM - assessing radiology IT maturity for hospitals and imaging centres

DIAM was jointly developed by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics in Europe and the European Society of Radiology (ESR) to support organisations in planning and implementing imaging IT and launched at ECR 2016.

The model is the first of its kind worldwide and comprises of ten focus areas that remain essential to the digitisation in imaging IT. These areas include patient engagement, personalised medicine and clinical documentation, amongst others.

Similarly to the HIMSS Analytics EMR and Continuity of Care Adoption Models, the DIAM has 8 stages, with Stage 0 indicating low maturity and Stage 7 representing advanced maturity. One significant difference is that the highest three stages in DIAM reflect specialised branches that can be achieved separately.

HIMSS Europe

Organisations will need to master at least one of these for Stage 5, two of them for Stage 6, and all three for Stage 7.

Participants complete a survey that gathers information on the current imaging IT environment at their institution. The DIAM survey enables institutions to utilize a structured approach for assessing imaging IT infrastructure.

Organisations participating in the DIAM online assessment will receive a report that will support the organisation in recognising gaps, developing IT strategies and in representing a reliable benchmarking source for radiology departments or imaging centres.

As per October 2016, 13 radiological centres have been involved in the DIAM evaluation during the pilot phase and the model is now being rolled out across Europe and beyond.

Key focus areas

The model is based on the 10 focus areas that HIMSS Analytics and the ESR consider to be essential to the digitisation of imaging IT:

  • Software infrastructure
  • Health information exchange
  • Workflow and process security
  • Quality and safety management
  • Patient engagement
  • Clinical documentation
  • Clinical decision support
  • Pervasiveness of use
  • Advanced analytics
  • Personalized medicine
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