EuroSafe Imaging – Together for Patient Safety

EuroSafe Imaging is the ESR's flagship initiative for radiation protection and quality & safety in medical imaging. Launched at the European Congress of Radiology 2014, the campaign has attracted the support of more than 51,400 'Friends of EuroSafe Imaging', including over 280 institutional supporters.

The ESR Radiation Protection Subcommittee oversees EuroSafe Imaging. The subcommittee is charged with setting up a global programme of medical radiation dose reduction, incorporating dose tracking, and contributes to the development of clinical decision support and professional training. It keeps abreast of all national and European initiatives regarding radiation protection, and liaises with national societies and other partners to help ensure the success of these initiatives.

EuroSafe Imaging

Mission and Objectives


EuroSafe Imaging is the European Society of Radiology's flagship initiative to promote quality and safety in medical imaging.

The mission of EuroSafe Imaging is to support and strengthen medical radiation protection across Europe following a holistic, inclusive approach.


  • Promoting appropriateness in radiological imaging
  • Maintaining radiation doses within diagnostic reference levels
  • Promoting the use of up-to-date equipment
  • Using the 'as low as reasonably achievable' principle to further reduce doses while maintaining image quality
  • Improving communication with patients

EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition at the ECR 2019

5-year Anniversary of EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2019

EuroSafe Imaging will celebrate five years of success in medical radiation protection at the forthcoming European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2019 and will proudly present the campaign’s projects and activities on raising awareness on radiation protection in medical imaging. The ECR 2019 will be held at the Austria Centre Vienna (ACV), from February 27 – March 3, 2019.

To find out more about the EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition at the ECR 2019, click on the link to the right.

Call for Action 2018

The European Society of Radiology and the EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee have issued the EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action 2018, a 13-point action plan to achieve EuroSafe Imaging’s objectives.

By implementing the actions, EuroSafe Imaging will significantly contribute to achieving the aims in the ten priority areas of the Bonn Call for Action.

Call for Action 2018