ESR/EFRS Radiographer Awards

Three Best Radiographer Paper Abstract Awards
  • Dr. Wanjiang Li, Chengdu/CN
    in merit of the abstract entitled ‘Application of low radiation and contrast doses protocol combined with high-strength ASIR-V algorithm in 'one-stop' coronary and carotid and cerebrovascular CT angiograph’
  • Mr. Andras Kedves, Kaposvár/HU
    in merit of the abstract entitled `Predictive value of 18F-FDG PET/CT information in the modern 3D based radiotherapy treatment of head and neck cancer patients’
  • Mr. Gregory Photopoulos, Halifax/CA
    in merit of the abstract entitled Impact of a CT scan simulator on student learning’
Magna Cum Laude Radiographer Poster Award:
  • Mr. Yoshinori Tsutsumi, Nagoya/JN
    in merit of the scientific poster C-0883 entitled ‘Assessment of the severity in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension by quantitative parameters of dual-energy CT
  • Dr. Hidetake Hara, Sagamihara, Kanagawa/JN
    in merit of the scientific poster C-1060 entitled ‘A New Iterative Reconstruction CT Technique of Forward Projected Model-based IR Solution (FIRST): Evaluation of Image Quality at Head CT using a Cerebral Stroke Phantom Model’
  • Dr. Sonyia Mc Fadden, Belfast/UK
    in merit of the educational poster C-2411 entitled ‘An investigation on the appropriateness of Exposure Index (EI) calibration and Exposure Index target (EIT) values as a method of ensuring diagnostic image quality and optimum patient exposures in Digital Radiography.’
Best Radiography Student Abstract Award
  • Ms. Laura Similä, Oulu/FI
    in merit of the accepted abstract entitled ‘Image Quality Using Automatic Exposure Control In Mammography
Best Scientific Paper Award (Radiographers)
  • Mr. Masaki Tsuda; Yonago/JP
    in merit of the paper entitled 'Adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction for computed tomography of the spine' (presented in SS 1814 - CT and professional issues in radiography)

Radiographer Attendance

We are happy to announce a record attendance of 2,254 radiographers from 84 countries at ECR 2019!
This marks a 4% increase compared to ECR 2018.

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ESR Connect featuring radiographers at ECR 2019

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ECR Today - Daily Congress Newspaper

Please find below an overview of all radiographer related articles from the ECR daily newspaper.

Women in Focus

Have a look at the radiographer contributions to Women in Focus.

Women in challenging environments

Friday, March 1, 2019/14:00-15:15/The Church
Elizabeth Balogun; Lagos/NG



Leadership and mentorship

Friday, March 1, 2019/16:00-17:25/The Church 
Charlotte Beardmore; Guildford/UK



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