Women in Focus at ECR 2019

Women in Focus was a brand new initiative at the 2019 European Congress of Radiology (ECR). The event consisted of a series of special, non-scientific sessions dedicated to women working in healthcare. Organised by Prof. Hedvig Hricak, the programme included a diverse array of inspiring speakers from across the world and from a variety of healthcare industries. These speakers shared their views on a range of topics related to gender and healthcare, tackling issues such as female leadership, mentoring, the generational progression of women in medicine, and work in challenging environments.

Intended to be educational as well as inspiring, Women in Focus explored and celebrated the crucial role that women play in healthcare, whilst offering advice and insights to those wishing to advance their caregiving skills and careers within this sector. Through an interactive session style, including live audience polling and panel discussions, attendees were encouraged to share their own views on a variety of important issues. As the programme was intended to be relevant and interesting to everyone, and not only to the radiological community, it was also open to the public.

The programme took place on Thursday, February 28 and Friday, March 1 in The Church, located near the Austria Center Vienna. The first sessions on each day were followed by a networking coffee break in the basement lounge area of The Church with complimentary refreshments and accompanying live music.

Interview with Hedvig Hricak

Women in Focus Highlights

Women in Focus Speakers

The Women in Focus programme at ECR 2019 featured a diverse array of accomplished speakers from a range of academic and professional backgrounds. Below, you will find a gallery of these speakers, with a piece of wisdom from each one.

Leading by Example

Prof. Hedvig Hricak

Leadership is a choice – the decision is yours

Ms. Cally Palmer

Leadership should always be about the team and not individual players

Ms. Catherine Estrampes

Daring and caring can go together 

Prof. Deniz Akata

Be trusted not feared

Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger

Set your priorities and always remember to be there for your loved ones

Prof. Lorenzo Derchi

Addressing the issue of gender disparity in radiology is good not only for radiologists. Diversity improves patients communication and decreases health disparity

Dr. Lilian Leong

Be passionate and resilient to lead and influence for a shared vision of the good

Changing the image of women in leadership

Prof. Rahel A. Kubik-Huch

You can’t have it all – it is all about the right choices

Prof. Valérie Vilgrain

Show your talents and find your balance

Dr. Christopher Hess

Gender diversity is not a metric, it is a tool for excellence

Dr. Elizabeth Morris

Differences in leadership are more generational than gender driven

Prof. Ulrike Attenberger

Believe in your skills - and convince your critics

Prof. Maximilian Reiser

Gender equality – it all begins at home

Women in challenging environments

Prof. Regina Beets-Tan

If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants

Dr. Liz O'Riordan

It’s the little things that matter

Prof. Şevkat Bahar Özvarış

Everyone in the world has the right to equality

Mrs. Elizabeth Balogun

Our gender, is not a choice, but therein lies our strength

Dr. Dina Husseiny Salama

Women are not inferior or superior to men - your achievements will tell

Leadership and mentorship

Prof. Dame Janet Husband

Reach for the sky

Dr. May Abdel-Wahab

Effective mentorship is one of the most important determinants of success

Prof. Gabriel Krestin

Mentorship is essential but it’s not gender specific

Dr. Geraldine McGinty

Nobody else owns your story

Dr. Valerie Jackson

In a lifetime, you will have many mentors for many reasons

Mrs. Charlotte Beardmore

Be bold and grasp the opportunities – push open the doors


Following the exciting insights and riveting debates that characterised Women in Focus, a number of publications and studies were published to further explore the themes featured in the programme. A list of these publications can be found below:

Safe spaces for women in challenging environments
Şevkat Bahar Özvarış, Hedvig Hricak
The Lancet Global Health (August, 2019)