Biomarkers Endometrium

The following list has been reviewed and approved by the European Society of Urogenital Radiology’s (ESUR)’s Women’s Pelvic Imaging Group.




Level of

Single centre/


Patient prep

Data acquisition

Image processing

primary end-point

Size/ Morphology




Single centre & Multicentre

Detection, staging, treatment response

IM antiperistaltic agent

Sagittal, axial and coronal oblique
DWI recommended

Manual documentation by trained observer

biomarkers/ secondary




Single centre


IM antiperistaltic agent

3D fat-saturated T1W 2min30s after contrast medium administration

Manual documentation by trained observer

DWI (visual)


15, 10!

Single centre


IM antiperistaltic agent

At least 2 b-values (b=0-50 and b=800-1000 s/mm2)

Manual documentation by trained observer


Biomarkers in development/
exploratory not

ADC and ADC histogram

111, 12!
213, 14!
315, 16!

Single centre

Differentiation benign and malignant, staging, histopathological tumour features

IM antiperistaltic agent

At least 2 b-values (b=0-50 and b=800-1000 s/mm2)

Monoexponential data fit, first order histogram parameters

Multiparametric MR



Single centre

Staging and histopathological tumour features

IM antiperistaltic agent

At least 2 b-values (b=0-50 and b=800-1000 s/mm2)

Monoexponentional data fit, first order histogram parameters




Single centre

Histopathological tumour features

IM anitperistaltic agent

T2W, DWI and dynamic DCEs

No consensus available

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