Artificial Intelligence @ ECR 2024

At ECR 2024, with the future of medical imaging as our central theme, we’re excited to highlight artificial intelligence, one of the hottest topics in radiology. Delve into machine learning, big data, and deep learning, and discover how they are transforming the field of medical imaging.

Make sure to stay ahead of the game and learn more about our AI activities at ECR 2024.

Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (AIX) & AI Theatre

The Artificial Intelligence Exhibition (AIX) and the popular AI Theatre will return in 2024!

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with the increasing number of leading AI companies and innovators in radiology. Attend our cutting-edge keynotes, panel discussions, and industry talks in the AI Theatre. For all AI enthusiasts in radiology, the AIX is a must-visit at ECR 2024!

The AI Theatre scientific programme is organized by the ESR Subcommittee on Imaging Informatics, chaired by Dr. Federica Zanca.

More details on the AI exhibitors will be released soon.



Opening Hours AI Theatre: 


Impressions from the AIX & AI Theatre at ECR 2023


The ESR AI blog delivers educational and critical perspectives on AI to readers. It serves to help radiologists, at various stages of their career and with different levels of AI expertise, to learn about the technologies being developed in this field. Explore the evolving technologies in this field through our blog.

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