The eBook for Undergraduate Education in Radiology is a project developed by the Education Committee and the Undergraduate Education Subcommittee of the ESR.

The eBook is envisioned as a teaching material for medical students, residents in their first year(s) of training, as well as academic teachers throughout Europe to be able to understand and teach radiology as a whole coherent discipline. The document consists of individual chapters covering main subareas of radiology with the content for each chapter provided by the foremost European experts in that specific field.

Download each chapter individually here:

Chapter: Bile Ducts

Authors: Pedro Gil Oliveira, Filipe Caseiro-Alves

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-01

Chapter: Small Bowel

Authors: Kyra van Rijn, Jaap Stoker

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-02

Chapter: Large Bowel

Authors: Anisha Bhagwanani, Vivienne Eze, Stuart Taylor

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-03

Chapter: Musculoskeletal

Authors: Üstün Aydıngöz

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-04

Chapter: Cardiac Imaging

Authors: Carlo Catalano, Nicola Galea, Livia Marchitelli

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-05

Chapter: Paediatric Imaging

Authors: Maria Raissaki, Ignasi Barber, Jean-François Chateil, Julian Jürgens, Rutger Nievelstein, Annie Paterson, Michael Paddock, William Ramsden, Andrea Rossi, Aurelio Secinaro, Susan Shelmerdine, Samuel Stafrace, Eilish Twomey

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-06

Chapter: Central Nervous System

Authors: Laura Oleaga

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-07

Chapter: Ultrasound

Authors: Jonathan Cohen, Caroline Ewertsen

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-08

Chapter: Urogenital Radiology

Authors: Martina Lucia Pisciotti, Marco Bicchetti, Valeria Panebianco

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-09


Authors: Johannes Fröhlich, Gabriella Hänggi

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-10

Chapter: Head and Neck Imaging

Authors: Edith Vassallo, Emma Tabone, Reuben Grech, Minerva Becker

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-11

Chapter: Computed Tomography

Authors: Haidara Almansour, Jan Brendel, Daniel Wessling

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-12

Chapter: Liver Imaging

Authors: András Palkó

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-13

Chapter: Breast Imaging

Authors: Filipe Barros Alves, Pascal A.T. Baltzer, Melis Baykara Ulusan, Paola Clauser, Francesca Ferrara, Francesca Galati, Elisabetta Giannotti, Fiona J. Gilbert, Fleur Kilburn-Toppin, Maria Adele Marino, Jessica Muscat, Federica Pediconi, Simone Schiaffino, Rubina Manuela Trimboli, Chantal Van Ongeval, Thiemo J.A. van Nijnatten, Giulia Vatteroni, Mirjam Wielema

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-14 (available soon)

Chapter: Conventional X-ray Imaging

Authors: Pascal Monnin, Marta Sans-Merce

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-15 (available soon)

Chapter: Endocrine System

Authors: Sophie Neveü, Edith Vasallo, Emma Tabone, Vincent Lenoir, Minerva Becker

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-16 (available soon)

Chapter: AI in Radiology

Authors: Editors: Merel Huisman, Elmar Kotter, Peter M. A. van Ooijen Erik R. Ranschaert
Members: Tugba Akinci D’ Antonoli, Marcio Aloisio Bezzera Cavalcanti Rockenbach, Vera Cruz e Silva, Emmanouil Koltsakis, Pinar Yilmaz

DOI 10.26044/esr-undergraduate-ebook-17 (available soon)

Table of Contents–to be continued

  1. Principles of Radiation Biology and Radiation Protection
  2. Principles of Imaging Techniques
    1. Conventional X-Ray Imaging
    2. Ultrasound
    3. Computed Tomography
    4. Magnetic Resonance
    5. Nuclear Medicine
  3. Contrast Agents
  4. Breast Imaging
  5. Cardiac and Vascular Imaging
    1. Cardiac Imaging
    2. Vascular Imaging
  6. Chest Imaging
  7. Gastro-intestinal Imaging
    1. Large Bowel
    2. Small Bowel
  8. Abdominal Imaging
    1. Liver Imaging
    2. Bile Ducts Imaging
    3. Pancreas and Spleen Imaging
  9. Gynaecological and Obstetric Imaging
  10. Head and Neck Imaging
  11. Interventional Radiology
  12. Musculoskeletal Imaging
  13. Neuroradiology
  14. Paediatric Radiology
  15. Urogenital Radiology
  16. Endocrine System
  17. Medical Imaging Informatics
  18. Emergency Radiology

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