European Society of Radiology (ESR)

Founded in 2005, by merging the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) and the European Association of Radiology (EAR), the European Society of Radiology (ESR) is an apolitical, non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening and unifying European radiology.

With 101,150 members across the globe, it has grown to become the largest radiological society in the world and hosts one of the biggest and most innovative scientific meetings in Europe, the European Congress of Radiology, in Vienna each year.

The Society works closely with national radiological societies across Europe and further afield, while establishing relationships with major European and international organisations from other related fields. It also monitors developments on the EU level which could have an impact on research and practice in radiology, with the best interests of the patient as its overriding goal.


The mission of the European Society of Radiology is to serve the healthcare needs of the general public by supporting scientific research, education and training while constantly striving to improve the quality of radiological practice.

European Congress of Radiology (ECR)

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) is the annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology (ESR). It is a trend-setting, dynamic and service-oriented congress, well-known as one of the most innovative meetings within the scientific community, embedded in a unique and inspiring ambience.

The European Congress of Radiology represents the medical specialty of radiology throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

The ECR comprises a Congress Committee, a Programme Planning Committee, and 17 Scientific Subcommittees.

The next ECR congress will be held from February 27 – March 3, 2019, in Vienna, Austria.



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Green Meeting

ECR 2019: Another Green Meeting

The ECR will once again be held as a green meeting in 2019.

In 2014, the ECR was awarded the Austrian Ecolabel (Österreichisches Umweltzeichen) for the first time, making it the largest officially certified green congress in Europe. This achievement followed the implementation of numerous measures designed to reduce the congress’ environmental impact, and it reflected a deepened commitment on the part of the ESR to making the congress sustainable. Every year we strive to expand our efforts by applying our green approach to all major activities related to the congress. For more information click here.

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