ESR President lays out clear vision for ECR 2020



It is a well-established tradition that on the final day of the congress, ECR Today looks ahead to next year’s ECR. We therefore spoke with Professor Boris Brkljačić from Zagreb, Croatia, the incoming ESR President, who is in charge of ECR 2020. He shared with us some of his ideas and plans for the next European Congress of Radiology.

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Congress Poster

Every year the ESR Office suggests several congress poster concepts, created by professional designers, to the Congress President and PPC members, which then select their favourite. The poster you can see here was the best of the proposed options.

It resembles Rembrandt’s artwork, with sharp light and dark contrast, and is in good accordance with the slogan for ECR 2020: ‘A Clear Vision for Radiology’. The small floating object represents artificial intelligence, which will be an important topic at the congress, and the names of the ECR 2020 ‘ESR meets’ countries are visible at the bottom of the poster. The 2020 poster contains fewer colours and illustrations compared to the 2019 poster and is concordant with the visual style of the ESR’s main scientific publication, the journal European Radiology.


Poster Download

ECR 2020 Dignitaries

ESR Honorary Membership

Dante R. Casale Menier
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Yi-Hong Chou
Taipei, Taiwan
Valerie P. Jackson
Tucson, AZ/USA

ESR Gold Medallists

Richard FitzGerald
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Jim Reekers
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Katrine Riklund
Umeå, Sweden

Plenary Lecturers

Bernd Montag
Erlangen, Germany
Nenad Šestan
New Haven, CT/US
Ralph Weissleder
Boston, MA/USA

Date & Location

ECR 2020 will be held March 11 – 15, 2020 in Vienna, Austria. The congress venue's address is: Austria Center Vienna, Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, 1220 Vienna, Austria.

ECR 2020 Timeline

July 1 – October 15, 2019

Abstract submission open for
Research Presentations (oral)
Student Presentations (oral)
EPOS™ (poster)

EuroSafe Imaging (poster)

July 1 – October 15, 2019

Application open for Support Programmes
Invest in the Youth
Shape your Skills

August 31, 2019 ESR Membership Application Deadline
for reduced ECR 2020 fees
September 2019 Online Registration Open
November 30, 2019 ESR Membership 2019 Final Application Deadline
December 15, 2019 Submission Deadline for Case-Based Diagnosis Training
March 11 – 15, 2020 ECR 2020

Green Meeting

ECR 2020: The green wave continues.

We are striving to hold another green meeting in 2020.

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